The Science of Serenity: Exploring Voo and the Vagus Nerve with Marianne Amsden

In this episode of the Guide to Wellness Podcast, we delve into the fascinating realm of the vagus nerve and how we can harness the power of breath, vibration, and body awareness to regulate it. Susannah Freeman is joined by Marianne Amsdon, a licensed mental health counselor and somatic experiencing practitioner. Marianne shares insights into the role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, as well as survival responses like fight, flight, freeze, and fawn. Through guided exercises, including the use of the “Voo” sound, listeners learn practical techniques to release tension, promote relaxation, and cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies. With an emphasis on self-care and gentle exploration, this episode offers invaluable tools for navigating life’s challenges and fostering greater ease and resilience. Tune in to discover how simple practices can lead to profound shifts in your nervous system and overall well-being.

Marianne Amsden – SEI Practitioner Directory

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