Susannah is a skilled, thoughtful, and gifted practitioner. She has helped me immensely with numerous issues. Great Turning Healing Center is such an attribute to our community.

– Chris R.

Thank you for helping me heal this past year… I have learned so much about how to keep my body happy and strong. This fire season has been manageable despite the thick smoke. I have the tools to keep my throat healthy! Your encouragement and kindness were invaluable.

– Eternally Grateful, Emma B.

You listen to feedback. You ask questions on my health. You are gentle. You take the time to explain procedures. You are thorough. You are kind. You follow up & check on your clients.

– Anonymous

I had stubbornly endured over a year of painful plantar fasciitis in one foot, and Achilles tendinitis in the other, brought about by overuse, before seeking help. I had reached a plateau with traditional physical therapy and my PT encouraged me to add acupuncture to my regimen. Susannah’s treatment was immediately stimulating and ultimately effective. She also provided excellent advice on things I could do at home. Within weeks, both problems were gone. Acupuncture was a vital key to my complete recovery.

– Judy T.

Your caring style and patience with me were so comforting. Thank you for a fabulous introduction to acupuncture.

– Anonymous

I was feeling hopeless, fearful I would be tired for life. Susannah was able to help me figure out why I was so tired and get me feeling better. Her knowledge of oriental medicine in conjunction with her nutritional expertise is superb and what I needed! In addition, Susannah, was willing to work with my insurance, to help me get the care I could afford.

– Laurie T.