Telemedicine in an Acupuncture Clinic? 5 Reasons You’ll Love It!

Over the past couple of months, it seems like everyone is doing some sort of video meeting.  For our clinic, that takes on the form of Telemedicine.  Why, though, should you want to have a Telemedicine appointment with us???  We’re so glad you asked…

No, we cannot perform acupuncture virtually. The good news is that everything else we offer at Great Turning Healing Center is available with Telemedicine and phone/online support. Acupuncture is one small piece of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Nutrition that you receive with us.

Here are five benefits to working with us virtually:

  1. Convenience and Collaboration in a secure format. We all know that there is so much going on in our lives.  By setting up an online appointment, you can meet with us wherever you are and on a more flexible schedule.  Come next winter and icy roads, you may appreciate having your Functional Nutrition visit from the warmth of your own home.
  2. Functional Nutrition – from the comfort of your home.  Whether you are currently in the middle of a wellness plan with us, or you’re interested in working towards whole-body health, it is so easy to have these meetings virtually!  From here, we can guide you to your next steps, prescribe the necessary herbs and dietary adjustments, and provide the education you need.  This is a great format to find out where you are at, where you would like to be, and then to support you in making necessary and lasting changes.  With a secure video link, we are able to tie the appointment directly to your patient records.  This allows us to provide you with accurate, detailed and relevant recommendations.  It also makes it easier and more efficient to collaborate with your doctor.
  3. Lab reviews Most of us go to the doctor every year and receive blood chemistry labs as part of a wellness check up. We review these labs with you, then carefully design a step by step plan to address any functional imbalances noted in your labs with nutrition and herbal medicine. These plans are tailored to your needs and can be simple and targeted or comprehensive. We do these reviews in collaboration with your doctor or, with your informed consent, our consulting Naturopathic Doctor.  We always integrate Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis into your wellness plan to provide the best of Eastern and Western medicine!
  4. Herb reviews.  It’s so easy to set up a quick meeting to review the herbs and supplements you are currently taking, evaluate what’s going on in your life, and adjust to fit your current needs.
  5. Education. We believe in the power of teaching you to how to take care of your own health.  Telemedicine sessions are a great way to do this and we will guide you in the 5 Foundations of Health: detoxification, nutrition, hormones, exercise and brain health.

At this point, many insurance companies are covering the Telemedicine visits!  Call your insurance company to see if yours is one and we’ll take it from there.

This is the model of healthcare Susannah has been envisioning for the quite some time. And quite simply, it’s the way healthcare always should have worked. Moving forward, we will be using Telemedicine in our daily practice as a way to better support you!  Set up your appointment, ideally through the patient portal, and let us help you progress and succeed in reaching your health goals.  Please remember, we are a community here at Great Turning Healing Center and we are always happy to see you in person for your acupuncture visits, when you pick up your herbs, and when you pop in to say hello!

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