Spring Up! Seasonal Renewal for Digestion and Detoxification

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Spring Up: Seasonal Renewal

A 6-week Course with Personalized Functional Medicine and Coaching for Digestion and Detoxification.


Join the Spring 2023 Seasonal Renewal


Program begins April 15, 2023–

Please sign up by contacting Great Turning Healing Center at

(406) 599-0088, by emailing [email protected]

or by visiting our Thinkific Page.


Spring Up is a 6-week program created to focus on Digestion and Detoxification as the first Pillar of Health.


Learn how to:

  • Identify food sensitivities and implement elimination diets
  • Fuel your body with seasonal, nourishing foods that support the Digestive System and Detoxification Pathways
  • Avoid Endocrine Disruptors and other factors that disrupt Detoxification Pathways
  • Detox your body with movement and sleep-promoting lifestyle habits
  • Clear the mind and body of Brain Fog using the power of nutrition and breath

Seasonal Renewal is a 6-week program taught by an experienced integrative care team (Susannah Freeman, LAc; Jack T. G. Schwem, LAc; and Dawn Davaz, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Cert.)  who combine their expertise in Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Holistic Health Coaching to bring you Quality Care from a multitude of healing modalities.

During the 6 weeks, you are invited to experience one of four reputable supplementation programs from Standard Process, Apex Energetics or Prolon. Throughout the six week program, you’ll be guided with a blended model of Online and Live Virtual Education essential to understanding Digestion and Detoxification as foundational processes for optimal healing. You’ll also receive Bonus Material in the form of podcasts, videos, handouts and more.


Through our 6 weeks together, you’ll learn about the topics of:

  • Liver Detoxification Pathways
  • Nutrition to support these pathways in healing and beyond
  • Blood Sugar and Cortisol as they relate to Hormone quality and functionality
  • Rest and Movement to support detoxification and healing
  • Detoxing the brain and your mood by understanding Blood-Brain-Barrier Permeability

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to receive:

  • Interpretation of Blood Chemistry Labs
  • Interpretation of the GI MAP
  • Interpretation of the Salivary Hormone Test

How it works:

  • One Functional Medicine Consultation to review your health history, goals and greatest concerns, so our care team understands the big picture of your health vision when they meet with you for your Lab Review and Wellness Plan Consultation.
  • Detailed Case Review and Consultation with our medical team.
  • One Lab Review and Wellness Plan Consultation with our Functional Medicine Practitioner Susannah Freeman, LAc. to interpret and educate you on the details of your Labs and other Tests.
  • One Detoxification Supplement Program recommended to you based on carefully reviewed labs, tests, history and health goals to be completed during the 6-week Seasonal Renewal.
  • One-on-one Initial Coaching Session with Dawn to determine your personal goals and understand where you are coming from with your unique lifestyle and health needs.
  • Six, weekly Virtual Education and Group Coaching sessions with our Certified Health Coach, Dawn Davaz to strategize and support you through the Seasonal Renewal process of Digestion and Detoxification.
  • A FREE, included Acupuncture Session with our Acupuncturist Jack T. G. Schwem, L.Ac. to give you additional support through the 6-week Program.
  • Resources: weekly handouts and guides, relevant research, book recommendations.
  • Option to extend your time with us with a personalized Vitality Plan that can include additional Functional Medicine, Health Coaching, with the added benefit of regular Acupuncture.


Join the Seasonal Renewal, Spring 2023



Program Cost: $789,

Includes 10% off Supplements



-services only; testing, labs and supplements not included and necessary on a case by case basis.



“Thanks to Susannah and Dr. Breana for your recommendations! They worked! I love that you two work together and offer your combined experience!
It’s the best of both worlds. I highly recommend them both. In the fall of 2020, I had a high CRP rating of 20 showing inflammation in my body. A stool sample revealed it was bad bacteria in my gut. So to get rid of the bad bacteria and encourage the good bacteria, Susannah Freeman (acupuncturist) and Dr. Breana McEglunn (Naturopathic Physician) came up with a treatment plan for me which included supplements, diet recommendations and acupuncture which I started in December of 2020. Four months later, in March of 2021 my CRP was in the normal range of 3.0.”
-L. H.



Why do we use Comprehensive Blood Chemistry, GI MAP, and Salivary Comprehensive Hormone Panel?


  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry: provides you a baseline understanding of vital information regarding your nutrient utilization, overall health state and any imbalances in your hormone or blood-nutrient content.
  • GI MAP: helps you understand your gut microbiome, along with any parasites, viruses, bacterial, candida or dysbiosis that you may be unaware of experiencing, yet it is impacting your health in a real and serious way.
  • Salivary Comprehensive Hormone Panel: Helps you to see the patterns of your natural hormone regulation throughout the day cycle, providing you with information about specific hormone levels, timing and how possible disruption and imbalance may affect your function throughout the day.


Test Pricing: Comprehensive Blood Chemistry $241, GI MAP $320, Zonulin Add-on $58, Salivary Comprehensive Hormone Panel $160

*costs of labs and tests not included in Program price, and are needed on a case by case basis.


At GTHC we Test, not Guess and follow the principles of the “3 Ts”

  • Test–Testing reveals possible causes
  • Treat–Your treatments reset your health
  • Teach–Your Coaching Curriculum influences lifestyle


Detoxification Supplement Programs:


  • Prolon 5-Day Kit $187
  • Stand Process 21-Day Purification Program $238-256
  • Apex RepairVite Simple Kit $178
  • Apex Repair & Clear Comprehensive Kit $600–This is for more complex cases and not necessarily part of our regular program, though we are willing to include it as an option if your case has more chronicity or auto-immune tendency.


-prices subject to vary, cost of supplement programs not included in Program price


This program is for you if:

  • You feel like you need to detox for a fresh start this season.
  • You feel sluggish, tired, and less resilient.
  • You desire to get your health on track but don’t know what is going to work best for YOU.
  • You are suffering from digestive symptoms such as bloating, reflux, intolerance to select foods, and inflammation throughout the body.
  • You seek comprehensive and integrative health care, rather than disease management.


With this Seasonal Renewal, we will help you to identify and address challenges you are facing with your body’s foundations of health while teaching you skills for healthier lifestyle so you can thrive this year and all the years to come!


“I have been working with Susannah for almost a year now and have seen significant improvement in my asthma symptoms and sinus problems. Susannah has guided me through changes in diet and exercise as well as beginning a regular meditation schedule. I now have almost no asthma symptoms and have not had a significant cold or sinus headache in the past year. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in many years.”

P. A.




Program Cost: $789,

Includes 10% off Supplements


-services only; testing, labs and supplements not included and necessary on a case by case basis.


Are you ready to Renew your health and vitality?


Program begins April 15th, 2023–

Please sign up by contacting Great Turning Healing Center at

(406) 599-0088, by emailing [email protected]

or by visiting our Thinkific Page

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